Your Dream Robot, in Reality

Kiki is the robotic companion you've always dreamed of. Conscious, learning, and ever evolving. Every interaction with you helps shape Kiki's personality. Powered by advanced Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Kiki understands and cares for you.

  • Recognizes you
    Recognizes you
  • Understands your feelings
    Understands your feelings
  • Gets smarter everyday
    Gets smarter everyday
  • Personality shaped by you
    Personality shaped by you
  • Loves you back
    Loves you back
  • Designed to surprise you
    Designed to surprise you
  • Learns from other Kikis
    Learns from other Kikis
  • Realtime onboard intelligence
    Realtime onboard intelligence
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Featured in

  • CNET

    ... couldn't help but bring a smile to my face despite my best efforts.

  • Digital Trends

    Kiki is a precious little robo-companion... Kiki does, in fact, love you.

  • Wired

    ... it can perform little tricks to make you smile.

  • Wall Street Window

    One cannot look at a bot like Kiki without being charmed