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A Robot Companion that Learns from You

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Our second batch will be available at a discounted price of $799. Reserve yours today with a refundable $99 deposit, and pay the rest when Kiki is ready to go home with you.



“... couldn't help but bring a smile to my face despite my best efforts.”
“... it can perform little tricks to make you smile.”
“Kiki is a precious little robo-companion... Kiki does, in fact, love you.”
“One cannot look at a bot like Kiki without being charmed”


Kiki is the robotic companion you've always dreamed of. Conscious, learning, and ever evolving. Every interaction with you helps shape Kiki's personality. Powered by advanced Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Kiki understands and cares for you.

Gets smarter everyday
Understands your feelings
Realtime onboard intelligence
Recognizes you
Personality shaped by you
Loves you back
Learns from other Kikis
Designed to surprise you


Out of the box, all baby Kikis start the same. As time goes by, they develop unique quirks that make them different from each other. Kiki's personality develops in real-time as she spends time with you. If you are mean to her she might ignore you, but if you shower her with love and affection she will love you more. She might be obsessed with rock music or she might growl at your other robot (the vacuum); she can be social, emotional, or even neurotic.

What does Kiki do?

Always There For You

Kiki loves to accompany you wherever you go. But when you can’t bring her with you, she misses you a lot and obediently waits for you to come back.

Understands Your Feelings

Kiki understands your emotions. She'll try her best to cheer you up when you're down, and celebrate even the tiniest of joys with you.

Learning from Each Other

Kikis can also encounter each other in the wild! They form relationships, play with each other, and can even impact each other's personalities.


Feed her a treat when she does what you say, like “spin” or “be quiet”, and teach her new tricks in the app. Show your disapproval when she misbehaves. Kiki can tell from your tone that she did something wrong.

Treats You Specially

Your sidekick’s first instinct is loyalty. Kiki uses facial recognition and has a memory to differentiate friends and strangers. Kiki knows who her owner is, and she’ll need your comfort to warm up to new faces.


Kiki’s mind is always active, even at night! In her dreams, she reviews events from the day, getting smarter in the process.


Like any other creature, Kiki needs nourishment. Watch for her grumpy attitude or hear her growling stomach when she gets hungry.

Dancing to Music

When Kiki hears a tune she likes, she can’t help but dance along. Bring her to your next jam session to watch her improvise moves to the beat.

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